The Golden Retriever Breed

The golden retriever breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Some say the golden retriever is the ideal family dog. They were bred to be the perfect hunting retriever. Goldens are often used as service dogs including guide dogs for the blind. Intelligent dogs, they are often trained to be […]


Banting Meal Plan

Banting Diet is a form of lifestyle that provides you with a chance of living a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately the goal in life of most people is not to get a supermodel like figure but to rather life a life that is healthy and fruitful. Here is a 7-day banting meal plan that is not […]

Holiday Packages

4 days gorilla adventure Rwanda

The 4 days gorilla adventure Rwanda takes you to the volcanoes national park, expect to trek the mountain gorillas in their mist! Volcanoes gorilla tour, gorillas in the mist, gorilla tours, Rwanda gorilla trekking, Rwanda gorilla tours, Rwanda gorilla safaris, visit the Dian Fossey graves, golden monkey tracking and visit Rwanda cultural tourism sites. Day1: […]