Hair Fads of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties: Hair Trends That Women Remember Fondly

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Over the years, there have been some very popular hair trends that came in with a bang and left just as loudly. Here is a look at the most popular hair fads during the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

Teased Hair Was a Big Fad!

In the Sixties, big hair was in! Most women can remember having, at some time during this period, a bouffant hair style that required teasing. Other terms for this style technique was ‘back-combing’ or ‘ratting’, all three simply involved pulling a comb through the hair toward the scalp to bunch up hair at the roots. While some hairstyles today may require a bit of teasing to lift the hair away from the scalp, it was done to the extreme in the Sixties.

Hair was sectioned into layers, each layer teased up from the head, and then lightly combed in place. The hair was then sprayed heavily with an aerosol hairspray, such as Aqua Net. The final result was a helmet type look that did not move, even in hurricane force wind!

A Bad Fad: Cheap Synthetic Brazilian Hair Pieces and Hair Falls

During the Sixties and Seventies fake hair became the rage especially Brazilian Hair. It wasn’t like the wigs or Brazilian hair extensions that models and actresses wear today. Hairpieces were horrid, synthetic, poorly matched swatches that were obviously foreign to the person wearing them. And strangely, they were worn by women who didn’t even need a wig at all! Some were styled in curls, and pinned to the top of the head, mimicking a poor version of an updo. The hair falls looked close to the Elvira wigs bought at Halloween. Luckily, anyone needing Brazilian Hair extensions today can find a quality, natural looking wig or hairpiece. Visit MyBrazilianHair to find quality hair extensions in South Africa.

Flower Power Hair Fad: Hippie Style Hair

Late Sixties and early Seventies was the Hippie era while the Viet Nam War loomed in the back of women’s consciousness. A large segment of women did a 360 from the stiff “don’t touch my hair” hairdo to a completely natural one. They combed their wet hair which was all one length, down the middle and sat in the sunshine to let it dry naturally. A braided or flower headband was often worn around the head, Pocohontas style.

One Fad That Just Might Return: Farrah Faucett Hair

Farrah hair” exploded on the scene when Charlie’s Angels hit the television airways in 1976. At every bus stop, grocery store, doctor’s office or church, there were women with their hair styled in Farrah’s layered, sexy, just out-of-bed look. The style was a carefree look, but really required some effort to get that messiness just right. There may never be another woman to ever affect women’s hairstyles singlehandedly like Farrah did.

Flashdance Hair Fad: “Loose” Perms and Mall Bangs

The Eighties ushered in the big hair look again, but with a twist on the trend. The “loose” perm became popular for long hair, wherein hair was layered and permed for a messy look. Women shampooed, used a large wide-toothed pick to separate the curly hair strands and then let hair air-dry. To top off the look, they had bangs that were curled under with a curling iron and then teased three or four inches off the forehead. They were heavily sprayed to keep them in defiance of gravity for a long period of time. Voila, mall bangs!

Fads That Women Want Back: Banana Clips and Scrunchies

To keep the curly, permed hair of the Eighties in place during their aerobics workouts (with leg warmers, of course!) women used either a banana clip or a Scrunchie. Both hair accessories allowed the big, permed hair to poof out while being kept securely out of the eyes.

The banana clip was the Eighties answer to the Fifties ponytail holder. The hair was pulled back and held in place by a three- to four-inch hair clip shaped like a banana (thus the name!) The result looked something like a horse’s mane at the back of the head. If done correctly, the look was cute and feminine, if not, it resembled something similar to a back-of-the-head Mohawk. Mall bangs were a must for this look as well.

Scrunchies were stretchy fabric hair bands that were twisted around part or all of the hair similar to a pony tail holder. The Scrunchies came in the full spectrum of colors, as well as in designs that were metallic, leopard skin, Mickey Mouse print, polka dots, corduroy, neon, and more. The trend was to pull up a section of hair from the front and crown and twist the Scrunchie around the hair in an off-centered position. From there, the hair was lightly teased with fingers to fluff it out to the side, like wearing a feathered hair hat on the side of one’s head.

Scrunchies might still be popular if Sex and the City hadn’t put the big kibosh on them. In one episode, Carrie painted them in such a bad light that sales probably went down immediately after that episode aired!

Women’s hairstyles will always be evolving, and sometimes they reappear in some altered state. But these hairstyles of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties will always be remembered for their spunk and quirkiness, much like the women of each decade who dared to wear them!