Plan Your Safari with Luxury Travels

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We provide customized travel services of the highest standards along a continuum of low budget and Luxury travels. This we achieve by shopping for choice travel destinations, working tested vendors and operators around the world to give you the travel of your dreams.

Our Service offers are:

Apart from the regular services provided by traditional Travel agents which include -Flight ticketing, Hotel reservation, Visa processing, Tours and transfers, Cruises, Car hire service and Travel Insurance, We provide other innovative services such as:


  • Destination Management: We work with tried and trusted locales and tour operators to give you an experience of local flavours and persornalised services such as transfers, assistance in case of emergency,varied and unique local palates and exposure to the local fabric, culture and living- for the adventurous and curious traveler within you. These services are available for Individual, family or group getaways, Honeymoon or Anniversary Celebration, Destination Weddings, Educational Tours, etc.
  • Staff Incentive and Team Activities Travels: We provide customized packages geared towards rewarding top performing staffers in an organization, helping them relax, rejuvenate and learn at the same time, giving them the boost to perform even better on the job on their return, impacting positively on your company’s bottom-line. This package has content for both training and leisure experience.
  • Premium Executive Retreat Packages: Added to the standard Business and Corporate retreat packages are training modules delivered by accredited and versatile facilitators; giving more rounded content to your Executive Retreats. These packages are customised for different Industries and fields of Interest- Hospitality, Management, Project Management, Accounting, Government, Judiciary, Legislature,Agriculture, Transportation, Business Ethics, Soft Skills, etc. Some of our training packages incorporates the Worldbank/IFC-Business Edge™ modules  and a Worldbank/IFC certificate will be awarded at the end of the programme. Please visit view the different modules.
  • Educational tours: We offer Educational Excursions to students from primary to university levels with various Career focus i.e Science, Humanities, Business, Politics, Music & Art, Technology, Leadership etc. to give them a head-start and guide them towards identifying the the right Career path. Our Educational tours are designed to give them an opportunity to explore learning in an environment different from theirs, interacting with new cultures, histories and getting a broader World view; thus preparing them to become players in the global community.
  • Corporate Event Management: We offer a total Event management packages for corporate clients such Product launches, Conferences, end of year party, Corporate dinners, Cocktails, Team parties, etc. Package covers Event branding, Venue rental, Sponsorship, Marketing and Communication, Programme planning, Logistics Management, Professional Compere and Ushering, etc.
  • Business and Trade Partnership Forums: We facilitate Business networking opportunities with Industry counterparts in other countries, providing new avenues for networking, identifying places to source goods/services/new settlements etc. as well as at international trade fairs, exclusive trade forums and workshops that are specific to business Interest for SMEs.

Registered members of our Business community will enjoy the following services:

  1. Free bulletin with resource for Business travels.
  2. Notification on developments and opportunities across the world to help improve on their Business ventures.
  3. Matching your Business with events, conferences, trainings, and business tours that would be of interest to you.
  4. Discounts on Events organised by us and this can be extended to people in your network too.

Tour Destinations

We provide All-Inclusive travel packages to:

United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Switzerland,USA, UAE, , Ghana, Gambia, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Maldives, Seychelles, Tanzania, China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore,  Sao tome Islands & more.

We also organise inbound tours to destinations within Nigeria.

Our operations are mostly virtual, offering our clients convenience and time-saving as we deliver your packages right to your mailbox or your doorstep, depending on which you would prefer